Terms and Conditions

1. By placing an order through our website, by email, by phone or by text message you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

2. If you place an order under the minimum order value for the service chosen you will be charged the minimum amount stated on our price list page. You can not combine services to reach a minimum order value.

3. Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

4. Payment in full is due on delivery by cash, card or by BACS prior to the delivery. We will provide you with a receipt for your records. We have an administration fee on all card payments.

5. All items are inspected for damage before ironing and any items with existing damage will not be ironed, unless mutually agreed in advance. In the unlikely event of items becoming damaged during ironing, a maximum compensation of £50.00 per item will be paid upon production of the receipt showing the original cost.

6. You must provide instructions for items needing special care. 

7. We don't take responsibility for any items forgotten anywhere in the garments or for missing items from bags which are not properly closed and labelled by the customer at the time of collection.

8. We reserve the right not to iron certain items, such as underwear, dirty or damaged garments unless mutually agreed in advance. 

9. All items must be completely dry prior to ironing. If we find wet items we reserve the right not iron them. We do not take responsibility for items left wet in the bags that became mouldy.

10. All work is done in a clean, smoke-free and pets free environment.

11. If by any reason you are not happy with the quality of the service you must contact us no later than 24hrs of delivery.

12. Any queries, missing or damaged items must be reported 24hrs of delivery.

13. If a customer is not available at the mutually agreed time for collection or delivery, or turn us away at the door we reserve the right to charge £5.00 compensation per visit and discontinue our service.

14. Customer personal information given on the contact page is only used by us and are not passed to any third parties.

15. We reserve the right to cancel any customer/ customer order that fails to agree to our terms and conditions.

16. We reserve the right to alter our terms and conditions and policies at any time. 


Contact details: Dora Genova, Stuart Avenue, Walton on Thames, KT122AA
Email: info@doraironingservice.co.uk
Mob: 07725 192 032