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Professionaly ironed mens work shirts


Terms and Conditions

1. By placing an order through our website, by email, by phone, by text message or any other platform you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

2. We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions and policies at any time. It is the current version that will apply to each order when you place it. You will be notified of any changes to our terms and conditions and policies by email.

3. Please, note each service has its own minimum order value and you will be charged the minimum if your order total comes under that amount. Information for the minimum order value can be found on the price list page for each service. You cannot combine services to reach a minimum order value.

4. If you have booked an Ironing Service and/or Wash and Iron and/or Wash and Dry service and you would like to give us a single item for Dry Cleaning you can do that. You will be charged the minimum order value for the service booked if your order is under it plus the amount for the single item for Dry Cleaning.

5. Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice. The customer is responsible to check our price list before booking our services. The price list published on our website at the time of the order will apply to that order.

6. Payment in full is due on delivery by cash or card. You can pay by BACS prior to the delivery. We will text you (or email you where a mobile number is not provided) with the amount of your bill. A receipt will be provided for your records at the time of delivery.

7. If a customer is not available at the mutually agreed time for collection/ delivery or turn us away at the door we reserve the right to charge £10.00 compensation per visit and/ or discontinue our service.

8. We will always do our best to collect/ deliver during the agreed time slot and to communicate any delays by text, call or email. We will not be responsible for any losses which a customer may suffer because of late collection/ delivery.

9. We will always provide our services with care. We will not take responsibility for damage to any items given to us such as items with special requirements or instructions for cleaning; items without a care label indicating cleaning instructions; items that are damaged, stained; items bearing pins, jewellery; items with zips, buttons, embellishments etc.

10. It is the customer's responsibility to check the items prior to being given to us. We do not take responsibility for missing items or damage caused to the items by hazardous things such as coins, pens, pins, collar stiffeners, cufflinks, keys etc.

11. In the unlikely event of an item becoming damaged or lost we will pay compensation which is limited to ten times the price we charge for the service, but no more than £35.00. The compensation will be paid upon production of the receipt showing the original cost. We will not be liable for any single item valued at more than £50.00.  In the event, we issue compensation for the damaged item we reserve the right to retain the damaged item. Any queries, missing or damaged items must be reported within 24 hrs of delivery. We will not take responsibility for any queries raised after that time.

12. When booking one of our services it is the customer who is responsible to pack for collection only completely dry items. We do not take responsibility for any items left wet, damp, with food spillages etc which may lead to mould developing. In the event that Ironing Service is booked and we find wet items, we will dry them if the time allows, and the customer will be charged for the service.

13. For our Wash and Dry service, Wash and Iron service we wash the load at a 30-degree cycle and dry at medium heat.  Please, note we do not separate into lights and darks . It is the customer's responsibility to give only colourfast items when booking the service. We do not take responsibility if there is colour bleeding/ transfer.  

     13.1 As the Wash and Dry service, Wash and Iron Service is provided by load, we do not check the labels of each individual item and therefore we do not take responsibility for any damage to a garment that is not suitable for machine washing and drying. It is the customer's responsibility to check the labels of the garments and not to include items that need special care such as leather, silk, cashmere, wool etc into the load.

14. The customer is responsible have his items ready for collection in a bag which is securely closed and labelled clearly with their name.

15. We reserve the right not to iron certain items, such as underwear, dirty or damaged garments.

16. All work is done in a clean, smoke-free and pets free environment.

17. If for any reason you are not happy with the quality of the service provided you must contact us no later than 24hrs of delivery and provide us with a photo and explanation of the problem. We will then organise for the item to be collected and the service to be performed again free of charge. We reserve the right not to offer re-clean/ re-iron where the best possible service has already been provided.

18. Customers' personal information given on the contact page is only used by us and is not passed to any third parties. We are using your information to provide our services and to provide you with any information related to these services.

19. We reserve the right to cancel any customer/ customer order that fails to agree to our terms and conditions.

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